2012 Fargo Open Results – www.FargoBJJ.com

Fargo Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Fargo MMA - Kids Martial Arts in Fargo - Bully proof KidsI am very proud of this years Fargo Open Competitors. Jiu-jitsu is about surviving adversity and overcoming challenges, and at this years event we had plenty…

We decided to come in this year with a skeleton crew of only about 10 people or so, most of whom had less the 1 year training. Unfortunately due to lack of competitors the event combined all experience levels into

one division… which pitted our beginners against some of the best the area has to offer. I was very impressed with how everyone was able to go out there and give a good fight under circumstances! To me that what it is all about, face adversity and go out there and give it your all… never quit!

Congrats to Joey Mack. He is proof that if you put in the extra time drilling the system it will pay off. On his way to winning both Open Weight divisions Joey controlled and beat quite a few guys with many years experience over him!

Its scenarios like this that, tho may seem unfair on the surface, give us a great view of the potential of our up and coming teammates.

This was the first year we did not win the ‘Team Title’ but I believe it was one of our best showings as a team to date!

Congratz to everyone and thanks to everyone who came out in support

Joey Mack – 1st Gi/1st NoGi/Gi and NoGi Open wieght Champ!
Dave Moll – Fastest Submission Awared/3rd NoGi
Keith B – 3rd Gi
Josh O – 3rd NoGi/1st Gi
Jesse Squeeky – 1st NoGi
Bryan F – 2nd NoGi/3rd Gi
Mason T – 2nd Gi
Justus Z – 3rd Gi